"The World Is Your Oyster" William Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor c.1600.

I can help you shape your own very special journey
if these are some of the places you are traveling through:

I now live (and work) abroad I now live (& work) abroad...I need help to feel settled in this new life.
I have a challenging job and often feel very stressed I have a challenging job and often feel very stressed...I need help to feel in control again.
I've been through tough times and lost confidence I've been through tough times and lost confidence...I need help to regain self-esteem.
My life feels so chaotic My life feels so chaotic...I need help to reach a better work/life balance.
I am no longer fulfilled in my career I am no longer fulfilled in my career...I need help to find my dream job.
I have a big challenge before me I have a big challenge before me...I need help to take 'the plunge' and embrace change.

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Marlene Rossi
Marlene Rossi
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About Marlene Rossi

Marlene Rossi
Marlene Rossi
Business and Personal Coach
Contact me today on (+48) 600 204 137


You are an expat facing relocation challenges, at home or at work. You want to move through this unsettling period quickly and start enjoying life in your new home.

You are a Multinational Corporation that wants to...

  • increase job performance and satisfaction of their Commercial/Marketing Teams
  • manage, grow and retain talent
  • offer your people individual, confidential and action oriented support, that perhaps group training alone cannot fully achieve.


If you are an expat, I can help you by...

  • Supporting your successful integration within your new home country and new job. I will help you find the resources you need to feel settled and live a happy life, at work and at home.
  • Assisting you in your job search. I can even help you design a step change in your career abroad.
  • Helping you get your new exciting (work/life) project off the ground
  • Working with you to secure a better work/life balance
  • Giving you tools to take action to live a more fulfilled life, at work and at home.
  • Helping you manage the stress of a new job in a new culture
  • Supporting you if you feel you are (almost) in a burnout situation.
  • Helping you re-gain confidence
  • Working with you to explore ways for you to deal with a particular situation or feelings of isolation in a foreign culture.

For Commercial/Marketing Teams, we can work together to...

  • Design customized and tailored coaching programmes to support individual development needs.
  • Foster job performance, cultivate creativity and bring increased job satisfaction
  • Support job transitions and new team members.
  • Foster high talent, promote leadership, risk taking, drive, ambition and passion in the workplace.
  • Offer tools to help boost confidence, resolve work/life balance challenges and manage project priorities.


I am a French citizen and classically trained marketeer, graduated from EM Lyon Business School. Since then I have gained more than 10 years experience working for leading international companies such as Kellogg, Unilever, Diageo, SC Johnson and Reckitt Benckiser.

My marketing career gave me tremendous opportunities to not only gain extensive business and management experience, but also to discover the world, taking me from France to England, then onto Australia, Switzerland and we have now just settled in Warsaw, Poland in January 2014.

I have therefore developed a true ability to adapt to various cultural environments.

Helping people discover their true potential and give them all the support they need to achieve their dreams is also a life-long quest for me.

So after 10 years in marketing, I decided to extend my professional skills and retrained as a Professional Coach, certified in 2011 from the IDC Coaching Institute in Geneva (ICF accredited Coach Training Programme).

I am now a Cross-Cultural business and personal coach who works exclusively one on one with expats who struggle to find happiness in their new life and job abroad; I help them feel empowered to be and achieve anything they dream of, even away from home.

My clients would say that I am a coach gifted with a caring yet authentic and action-focused attention and questioning.

I coach in both French and English.

On a more personal note, my English husband James and I have two gorgeous girls, both born near a beautiful Australian beach. In Switzerland, they have been learning to ski down breathtaking Swiss snowy mountains and are now discovering life in a fun and vibrant multicultural city which is Warsaw! They sure have a nice life and I love being part of it, everyday, as much as I can and share those truly precious times...

If you have any kind of questions, please don't hesitate to contact me

Work With Me


Individually tailored support for expats with personal and/or professional challenges they wish to overcome.


My coaching TECHNIQUE will send you on a journey where you will...

  • Explore your own perceptions, beliefs, feelings and values
  • Gain a clearer sense of your personal and professional priorities
  • Experience and anchor your feelings and decisions on a more sensory and intuitive level, not just mentally or intellectually
  • Be able to find the resources you have within yourself to help you make that step change you are craving for, and
  • Identify, explore and decide how to overcome your obstacles that are holding you back from your dreams...and take life-changing action.
Your personal and professional happiness is at the centre of my coaching ETHOS - I believe that the world is your oyster so I help you define and set clear, achievable and inspiring goals and actions that will lead you to the life you want.
Your trust means the world to me so my coaching VALUES are based on ultimate confidentiality, respect of personal opinions and choices.

In short, a non-judgmental, open, yet impactful coaching method.
When we embark on this journey, you will meet a coach with a STYLE that's highly caring & supportive, yet authentic and action-focused.
My METHOD is always 100% tailored to your needs. Seeing you get the best outcomes and the life you want is my greatest reward. It's why I love what I do, everyday. I can coach you in French or English, either face to face, over the phone or by Skype/Vsee video-conferencing facility.



I provide Multinational Corporations with an external coaching resource that helps them increase job performance and satisfaction in the work-place.

More specifically, I have developed a customized and tailored coaching programme to support individual development needs within Commercial/Marketing Teams.

I help individuals fulfill their job and career goals in a way that classic technical-based training alone struggles to deliver.

Marketing Skills one on one

Creativity and fresh thinking skills

Learning how to open up options, prioritise, reduce work-related stress and manage work/life balance enables individuals to think clearly and with focus.

Presentation, influencing and negotiating skills

By boosting their self-confidence and exploring personal barriers individuals become able to use their communication skills more fully and with greater effect.


Develops key team skills, such as how to manage conflict and value the ideas and perspectives of others.

Project management skills

Focuses on developing effective planning, prioritization tools amongst others.

Exploring Leadership potential

Risk taking

An opportunity for individuals to explore feelings towards change and find the resources needed to confidently step out of their comfort zone. They develop the ability to find motivation, feel empowered and take small steps at a time.

Drive, ambition and passion at work

Team members will develop key tools and take the time and space to connect with their personal vision, values and goals for their future career.

Individual career management

"Find the right plan for you" development programme

Help team members identify a development plan centered around their own personal vision, values and goals.

Manage and embrace change

Develop the ability to successfully manage promotions or job changes and find the resources to embrace change.

Succeed in new career paths

Support a more significant career transition, potentially outside the commercial/marketing division.

Foster high talent

Coaching is not just about fixing problems in the workplace...it's a great tool to foster and accelerate progress of those with high potential and keep them striving in their career.

Resolving critical situations

Support in burnout situations

Gives the team member time and space to explore feelings and anxieties experienced in the workplace, to help them find the resources to spring back and commit to (small) actions towards recovery.

Facilitating team member relations

Helps both sides step back and gain perspective on the situation/relationship.

Work/life balance challenges

Discusses options and sets out a plan of action to restore happiness at work and at home.

Giving team members INDIVIDUAL space, time and non-judgmental support to help them overcome challenges and get back on track.


Read below what customers say about my me and my services...
Naama Kolnik
Artist & ceramic teacher
"I came to the coaching with Marlene in a very difficult and confusing time in my life. through the sessions with her I managed to focus on the important things and see the bigger picture.

It is not an easy process, to look into your life and make changes in them, but Marlene with great sensitivity and step by step helped me move forward and what I find very helpful is the feeling she cares and keep in touch, and I know the door is always open to me in case I go through another rough patch or just need more encouragement. Thank you Marlene."
Jeanine Lacroix
Interior Design Specialist
"GrĂ¢ce à son écoute, son empathie & ses compétences en communication, Marlène m'a permis de voir des opportunités là où je voyais des obstacles. Marlène m'a permis de me réaliser, en me fixant des objectifs clairs et précis, tenant compte - après analyses - de mes propres valeurs et atouts.

Faire appel à un coach m'a permis d'y voir plus clair, de cibler mes attentes, de créer des challenges. Marlène, avec son très grand professionnalisme, a été d'un grand soutien même si le travail élaboré et le résultat découlent de mes propres initiatives. Merci".
Zoe Bailey
Senior Project Manager - Nestle
"I was very skeptical about working with a career coach, however Marlene totally changed my mind.

She allowed me to open my mind, to look into myself and enabled me to truly understand what my goals are - in both a professional and personal capacity. My way forward has been made all the clearer by working with her and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."
Eric Bozzetto
Fund Manager - SPGP
"I worked with Marlene when I was going through an important career transition in 2012 and I found her coaching decisive in helping me find the resources I needed to face the necessary change and we worked on a clear plan of action which gave me the confidence to start this new chapter in my career. In many ways I feel I could not have done it without her and I recommend Marlene to anyone who is going through a career or life transition."
Chizuko Muranaka Broinowski
Managing Director - Integral Media
"Marlene is a trusted partner who helps you find your own strengths and voice unknown to you. She is an empathetic listener, sharp analyst and a most supportive cheerleader with a big heart. Your deepest desire and fear shared with her become nourishment for perpetual growth".
Claire Popham-Forster, Academic Administration Manager & Quality Assurance Manager - MSB.
"Marlene was extremely helpful to me and helped me find some solutions to my career by looking at myself in a way Ive not considered before. As a result I changed career direction with confidence in a way I didn't think possible".
Emmanuelle Leroux
European Marketing Manager - Nestle Purina PetCare
"I highly recommend Marlene Rossi who I have worked with as my personal coach for the last 6 months. Marlene is a great coach as she has the perfect mix of professional skills and personal strengths:
From a professional stand point, Marlene is graduated from a well renowned coaching school. For me it was a key element to consider when I had to pick my coach. On the personal level, she has very strong interpersonal skills enabling her to create contact very quickly and in a soft manner. Marlène has experience across different countries which makes her very at ease dealing with people from different cultures & background. Marlene has also very strong active listening skills combined with the ability of understanding complex situations - this makes her excelling in understanding contexts, identifying potential issues and helping you find solutions".
Amelie Le Berrigaud
Marketing Manager
"J'ai rencontré Marlène alors que je traversais une période difficile dans ma vie de "maman - femme - épouse".

Après quelques séances d'accompagnement, Marlène m'a aidée à identifier les noeuds - sources de tension - et m'a guidée dans la résolution de ces dernières.

Je garde un souvenir fort et extrêmement positif de nos rencontres. Marlène à su m'ouvrir les yeux sur "ma réalité" et m'a redonné confiance dans ma capacité à prendre les bonnes décisions...

Jamais intrusive ni directive, l'approche de Marlène est bienveillante, emphatique mais sans complaisance.

Elle m'a remise en selle et redonné la visibilité pour aller de l'avant!"
Anonymous testimonial
"Marlene is a thoughtful coach who really tailors her approach to each client and from session to session. She is empathetic and balances listening with engaging and motivating", anonymous testimonial.

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